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Direct integration magic

Get your tax work done without a single line of code

Your GoCardless payment activity syncs automatically with Octobat to create all necessary legal documents such as invoices and VAT collection reports. Accounting is finally made simple for international businesses.

Turn payments into a competitive advantage

Direct Debit for the digital age

A cutting-edge online Direct Debit solution that's simple to setup, manage and use.


Keep a step ahead of churn

Re-tries, refunds and subscriptions: automate processes and configure logic around your needs.


Collect payments accross Europe

Real-time notifications of failed or cancelled payments enable swift issue resolution.


Create advanced payment flows

We process Direct Debit payments for Bacs, SEPA and Autogiro through a single integration.


VAT compliance for international businesses

Octobat provides a fully automated way to get rid of VAT issues for GoCardless adopters. Every charged amount is automatically splitted between revenue and VAT. Octobat calculates VAT by receiving payment data such as country code, Iban, business type, VAT id…

Octobat is the smoothest bridge between payment providers and accounting softwares allowing you to comply on the VAT level when selling standard goods as well as digital goods. (Compliance made easy at all levels; VAT MOSS, Local VAT, EU-VIES)

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Automatic invoicing solution

When a customer is charged on GoCardless, Octobat directly generates a corresponding compliant tax invoice and sends it to the customer. Octobat fetches the required information from transaction data, and delivers PDFs at high-speed, making sure your customer billing relationship stays at the level of perfection.
Our dashboard gives you efficiency and speed in retrieving and exporting the documents your customers ask for.
Manual invoicing is still possible and simple, because we want to make sure you keep the flexibility you need.
Octobat's data storage will keep all invoices for a 10 year period.

Reports and accounting on autopilot

Retrieve your VAT collection reports with one easy click!
It has never been so easy to comply locally and internationally in such an automated way. Octobat’s reports especially address VAT MOSS issues, and allow you to easily sell internationally.
Our solution takes care of repetitive tasks, and finally deliver you actionable and powerful reports, ready for your accounting software or accountant to take action!

Tax vat report collection

Save time. Save money. Master your billing tax compliance!