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500 Transactions * \ mo 15¢ per
additional Transaction
15000 API calls * \ mo 10¢ / 100
additional API calls


1500 Transactions * \ mo 15¢ per
additional Transaction
45000 API calls * \ mo 10¢ / 100
additional API calls


3000 Transactions * \ mo 15¢ per
additional Transaction
90000 API calls * \ mo 10¢ / 100
additional API calls


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> 3000 Transactions / mo  
> 90000 API calls / mo  
VAT may be added to prices depending on your business location
  • Does Octobat offer a free trial? How can I test Octobat before buying a subscription?

    Yes, Octobat offers the possibility to try it in Test Mode. Test mode allows you access to all functionality and see how your integrations will operate once you go live. You will also be able to check and test the connection with your payment provider. When you want to go live after the setup is right, credit card payment is required according to the plan you choose.

  • Am I charged when I enter a credit card?

    Octobat requires a credit card only before going live when choosing a plan. We will charge you at the beginning of the subscription period.

  • Am I required to sign a contract? How do I cancel?

    Yes. When you sign up for Octobat, you must agree to our Terms of Service governing the use of our services and use of our website. The details of any particular offers and subscription plans will be stated on our site and made available to you before any payment is required. These subscription options are not subject to separate or additional contracts. If you choose a monthly plan, you will be able to cancel at any time (termination to occur at the end of the current month) and this will be reflected in the bill in the next month.

  • When and how do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

    Octobat allows you to track your usage and gives you the possibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan by your own in the subscription section in the application. However, note that if you have already paid in advance for a month or a year any downgrades are only effective beginning at the expiration of your current plan. Any upgrades will be effective immediately.

  • What if I go over my transactions limit?

    Each subscription option includes a maximum transactions limit. If you go above the transaction limit, we will charge you 0,15€ per transaction above the plan limit. The charges for any such overage will appear on your invoice for the subsequent month. We won’t upgrade your subscription without a previous agreement by you.

  • Will you charge me VAT? (only for European Businesses)

    As a B2B company, we will charge you VAT only if you reside in a country which requires it (e.g., France).
    In the case you do not give us your VAT number, we do charge you VAT because you will be under end-consumer regulation. (VAT MOSS e-service law)

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